Lab Overview

Thank you for your interest in Smiledent Dental Studio!


Smiledent is a premium quality crown and bridge dental laboratory with

an emphasis on fixed implant restorations.  By being located close to

our customers in New York City and Westchester County, we are able

to provide personal consultations and custom shading services for case

treatment planning.


The lab is owned by Andrew Rusinowski, Master Dental Technician.

Andrew has 25 years of industry experience. Staying true to his

commitment to implement the best available technology, Andrew and his

skilled staff are able to suggest the optimal restorative treatment for the

unique needs of each of your patients.


What sets up apart is a dedicated personal service and extensive

experience in the latest dental technology. We partner with our doctors to

deliver the best service possible for highly complex cases.


We are responsive to your needs and take pride in the attention we give

each and every case.

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Services Offered

  • Fixed Restorations
  • Implant Restorations

Contact Details

Smiledent Dental Studio
25 Hubbels Dr
suite 1
Mount Kisco, NY

Telephone 914-276-0218

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